Do DUI Attorneys Work With Me If I Had An Accident While I Was Driving Drunk

It is forbidden to drive while intoxicated in most states. If you have been arrested for driving drunk and causing an accident, you are likely facing two charges in addition to the charges related to the accident, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving with a blood alcohol content at .08 or higher. When facing such charges it is important that you obtain some legal defense to help you to navigate the legal system and […]

How Can A Fresno Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Pay My Bills After An Accident?

Being involved in an accident of any nature can be upsetting there are legal issues to deal with and you may have also incurred an injury. Injuries can be mild needing little attention, but sometimes an accident can result in severe damage. The worse the condition the more it costs leading to very high hospital bills, after you have just been in an unfortunate incident it is hard to come up with the money to […]

Can Fresno Family Attorneys Prevent A Divorce From Getting Ugly?

A divorce is very rarely an easy process. Typically, it is being initiated by one party who wishes to rid themselves of the other, which can lead to hurt feelings. There is often one person who is against the idea of a divorce or only wants one to take place under terms that they can feel good about. Not only can Fresno family attorneys prevent a divorce from getting ugly, they are usually all that […]

Can A Fresno Employment Attorney Sue My Employer For Firing Me?

Losing your job ranks high on the list of fears for most of us. When you’ve been terminated from your place of employment and you believe this was done under erroneous circumstances, it is time to retain a Fresno employment attorney. They have the expertise you need when dealing with an employer who has fired you in a manner that can be deemed unlawful. A Fresno employment attorney is able to sue an employer who […]

Can DUI Attorneys Get My Driver’s License Back Immediately?

There is no better way to avoid a DUI charge than to only drive sober, and abstain from all drug or alcohol use while driving. That being said, even if you only smell like alcohol and aren’t impaired to drive, chances are still very high that you will be arrested for DUI. If you are charged with a DUI, in most states your license will automatically be suspended or revoked for some amount of time. […]